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February 2010




Welcome to our monthly Tax & Business Alert. It contains important issues that are faced by many today.  Our goal is to provide you with current articles on various tax and business topics. The articles are intended to keep you up to date on trends and issues that may impact your business and personal financial affairs.



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 Plan Ahead for Self-employment If you are considering self-employment because of a pending layoff, job uncertainty, or just because it is the right time, you have a lot to plan for. So, please consider the following issues while making this important, life-changing decision.

College Costs Keep Skyrocketing The cost of attending college continues to climb at an accelerated rate. The College Board (www.collegeboard.com) reports that 2009–2010 tuition and fees have risen significantly.

 Bankruptcy—Advantages and Disadvantages If bankruptcy is the only viable business solution, a business generally can use two types of bankruptcy proceedings.

Save Taxes Using a Partial Annuity Exchange Variable annuity contract distributions generally contain two components, taxable income and nontaxable return of basis (investment).

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