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Controllership and Financial Management Services
Helping Business Plan For Success
The staff at Halcolm Bard CPA and Consultants is ready to help you plan for success. The following explains our view of how Your Company can benefit from our Controllership and Financial Management Services.

  What is the Role of the Controller?  

A Controller is an essential member of professional management regardless of the size of the business. The Controller provides the owners and management team with meaningful interpretations of financial information and assists in the policy setting, planning and control of the business.

Halcolm Bard CPA and Consultants can provide advice, direction, vision and human resources. We believe that controllership services are the most cost effective way for us to utilize your resources to assist you in achieving your stated goals.



How Can Your Company Utilize Our Controllership and Financial Management Services?

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We understand the role of the corporate controller, and know the role can be handled from outside of the company. We would review your accounting records and financial statements, prepare or assist you with the preparation of your tax returns as well as interface and support your personnel.

One of our most important roles would be to act as a sounding board for management. This role could be as simple as providing an opinion on leasing versus buying, or whether to hire an additional salesman for an existing or new territory. It could be as complicated as preparing projections for a financing application, or negotiating the buyout of a stockholder.


Obtaining Financing And Financial Presentations

  Obtaining financing has to be considered carefully. The presentation of your resources and needs must be made very clearly and concisely. We can help you prepare for, and make these very important presentations.

4Forecasting and Profit Planning

  Proper planning and allocation of resources relies on accurate forecasting. Wecan provide the following assistance in this area:



4Balance sheet forecasts
4Income statements (i.e. revenues & expenses) 
4Plant and equipment needs
Manpower requirements
4Cash flow projections
4Formulate "flash reports" that focus on short term
   operating trends
4Develop key operating ratios and graphic trends



4Executive Consultations


Frequently, business executives need to discuss their problems and opportunities with outside professionals. With our range of experience in many types of businesses, our professionals at are uniquely qualified to assist executives with the most difficult decisions they face.

We can help you with:

4Setting corporate objectives and goals
4Developing and refining strategies
Implementing tactics to accomplish objectives
4Presenting plans to employees and to outside parties
4Staff Development

Hiring, training, and motivating your employees are critical factors in managing a successful business. We have the capabilities to provide you with assistance in:

4Developing employee appraisals
4Compensation analysis and advice
4Evaluating staff needs

We look forward to providing Your Company with this different and progressive phase of our services. We believe that an investment in our Controllership and Financial Management Services will add value to Your Company both now and in the long-term. Contact us to provide this service.