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Chapter 10-Selecting Professional Advisors

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Starting your own business obviously entails a multitude of decisions; decisions which can seem overwhelming without the right players on your team. In order to succeed you need to equip yourself with every tool at your disposal.

One of the most cost effective tools you can utilize is the expertise of a specialist. The right accountant and attorney can eliminate a host of problems and potentially costly errors you might make as you build the financial foundation of your successful business.

As any coach can tell you, having a first rate quarterback (you) won't guarantee a winning team without a first rate line of defense. The right CPA and attorney is your best defense. Their expertise can help save you money which in turn can be used to increase profits.

When enlisting the expertise of a CPA and attorney you want a specialist suited to meet your specific needs. You want a specialist who will listen to you. More importantly, you need someone you can and will listen to as they devise strategies to help you succeed.

You want to succeed - and you can. By taking the time to make key decisions and enlisting the right players on your team - you will succeed!

We wish you success and welcome you to the wonderful world of free enterprise.

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A business, regardless of its size, is more likely to be successful if it plans for the future and prepares for change. Our firm would like to be a part of your growth process. We believe that there is a much greater need among our clients and potential clients for planning and management. The Halcolm Bard Certified Public Accountant and Consultants' staff at both our Kane and Bradford offices can provide both advise and guidance. The growth of your business is achieve through a well thought out plan. If you want you business to grow, but are struggling with "how" call us at either location. We pride ourselves in understanding business and are available to help you achieve your goals.

You now have a handy reference guide to starting a business. With it you should be able to successfully handle many of the problems encountered in starting and running a business. Always remember to seek professional advice in areas which you are not sure. The benefit will far outweigh the cost. Good luck!

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    Entrepreneur's Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania
The Entrepreneur's Guide is intended to direct entrepreneurs to the people, agencies, and sources of information that can provide answers to business development and growth questions.  This compendium of information includes a business checklist on getting started, a worksheet to assess a business idea, an outline for business plan development, business growth information, web sites and telephone numbers for contacting business related agencies, Pennsylvania resources and much more.

Pennsylvania Withholding Information Guide
A comprehensive source of information for employers who withhold Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax from their employees.  The guide focuses on the different types of compensation and whether it is subject to withholding tax.
PA Employer UC Withholding Contributions (UCP-25 )
This pamphlet is a source of information for employers when the Unemployment Compensation trigger mechanism takes effect, and employers are required to withhold a portion of their employee's wages.  
Employer's Reference Guide to Unemployment Compensation (UCP-36)
This comprehensive guide provides general information about an employer's rights and responsibilities under the PA Unemployment Compensation Law.
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Service for Employers (UCP-39)
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Workforce Information Publications
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Your Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance 
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A Guide to Business Registration in Pennsylvania from the Department of State
After deciding to establish a business, the first item to consider is the type of business organization to use. Legal and tax considerations will help to determine the final choice, as well as personal needs and the needs of the particular business. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the legal forms of business types. Entrepreneurs must examine all of the characteristics and consult a knowledgeable legal professional when considering the formation of a business.